CLEAN ATM initiative - selected by EC for CEF funding – as next step for ATM modernisation
CLEAN ATM initiative - selected by EC for CEF funding – as next step for ATM modernisation

CLEAN ATM initiative - selected by EC for CEF funding – as next step for ATM modernisation


On June 22, the CLEAN ATM initiative, prepared and coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager in response to the CEF Transport Call for proposals 2022, was selected as one of the transport projects to receive EU grants from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the main instrument to support strategic transport investments in the European Union.

The initiative, which engages over 40 civil and military operational stakeholders (Airlines, ANSPs, Airports, MET providers, NM and military authorities) from the whole pan-European network, is a key step forward for modernizing and decarbonizing the aviation industry in the coming years.

With € 71 million of funds awarded, the CLEAN ATM proposal is by far the largest initiative amongst the ATM-related projects selected by the Union.

Mariagrazia La Piscopia, Executive Director at SESAR Deployment Manager said:

“The CLEAN ATM initiative is a testament to the commitment of the Aviation industry towards its decarbonisation objectives, as well as a sign that the common goals of our industry are really achievable, if all operational stakeholders are able to join their forces and expertise to work together. SDM will support all awarded organisations in the coming months and years, making sure that ATM modernisation keeps its momentum and continues to deliver tangible results”.

CLEAN ATM will help accelerating the adoption of:

  • Extended Airport Operations Plan and its integration with the Network Operations Plan – the adoption of a rolling plan for major European hubs that will help reduce congestion, delays, unnecessary carbon and noise emissions and drastically improve the passenger experience

  • Free Route Airspace, an operational concept that allows aircraft to fly shorter and more direct routes when crossing the European airspace, cutting the flight times and allowing for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

  • System Wide Information Management, a set of common standards, protocols and services to further digitalize the Aviation industry, opening the door to further automation and to further efficiencies in the way Air Traffic Management is run on a daily-basis.

When combined, these technologies will allow the Air Traffic Management in Europe to be smarter, interoperable, safer, more resilient, and more environmentally sustainable.

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