2015 CEF Transport Calls for proposals launched


Today the INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency launched the “2015 CEF Transport Calls for proposals”

The call is split into a general and cohesion envelope. For SESAR 515 million euro are available in the general envelope and the cohesion envelope contains 300 million euro.

Indicatively, 80% of the funding available under Priority “Single European Sky – SESAR” will be dedicated to projects selected under the Common Projects category (Category 1), both under general and cohesion envelopes. However, the final allocation of funding may be adjusted between Common Projects (Category 1) and Other Projects (Category 2) depending on the actual funding needs of the selected proposals, while giving priority to the implementation of Common Projects.

For the Category 1, the Deployment Manager is to act as coordinator in each project. Applicants who are awarded a grant under Category 1 of this call and are not partners in the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership will be required to join the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership, as partners, by signing the Framework Partnership Agreement before being able to sign the Specific Grant Agreements covering their projects.

Applicants under Category 1 must coordinate their applications with the Deployment Manager who shall perform a screening of these applications to assess their relevance to Pilot Common Project implementation. For this purpose the above mentioned applicants shall provide the Deployment Manager through IP templates with all the necessary information that it requires to ensure coherence and effective coordination of the projects in accordance with the Deployment Programme. Based on this assessment, the Deployment Manager may advise the applicants to revise their applications or to submit them under the Category 2.

In accordance with the roadmap presented at the CEF 2015 Transport Calls for proposals sneak preview, please note that the deadline for submitting the first draft IP templates to SESAR Deployment Manager is 16/11/2015.

Please also note that there will be a dedicated Repository made available by SESAR Deployment Manager for this call in the next days. This Repository shall be used to upload the draft IP templates. The link to this Repository will be timely communicated on this website and via email to all concerned stakeholders.


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