Manufacturers playing a key role in SESAR deployment

SESAR Deployment Manager renewed its call for manufacturers in the air traffic management (ATM) industry to step forward and pledge their cooperation in modernising Europe’s ATM infrastructure.

Last year, SDM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 18 manufacturers representing a variety of different sectors within the ATM community, which to-date has been met with great success.

The cooperation has seen manufacturing partners support a wide range of production processes related to the deployment of ATM functionalities, helping ensure the timely availability of standards and products needed for the Deployment Programme.

To give other ATM manufacturers an opportunity to establish a Cooperative Arrangement with SDM, a new Call for Expression of Interests was launched in March, with a number of new applications received within the deadline.

The objectives of the Cooperation are to ensure that:

  • the Deployment Programme and the relevant industrialisation processes are duly synchronised;
  • the priorities in the Deployment Programme are effectively communicated to the Manufacturing Industry;
  • the SDM is regularly informed by the Manufacturing Industry on the readiness of products that are required for ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities.

“Our partners in the manufacturing industry and beyond are pivotal in the overall Pilot Common Project implementation, and via those links we are strengthening the industrialisation, research and development, and deployment phases of the programme,” said Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager, SESAR Deployment Manager.

The Call for Expression of Interests was open to all industry manufacturers relevant to the production of ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities related technologies, as specified in the Deployment Programme. Interested industry manufacturers should be directly or indirectly involved in the production of technologies essential for the implementation of the SESAR Deployment Programme.

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A General Meeting with Manufacturers is planned for September, more info will follow soon