Nicolas Warinsko

General Manager

Freek de Witte

Head of Stakeholder Relations

+32 497 66 02 78

Antoine Hottelart

Head of Performance and Financing / Acting Financing Manager

Mariagrazia La Piscopia

Chief Strategy and Programme Management

Marcel Sobottka

Chief Finance, Partnerships & Corporate Services

Jakub Kepa

Civil ANSPs Liaison Officer

Luc Laveyne

Civil Airports Liaison Officer

Francis Richards

Civil Airspace Users Liaison Officer

Marita Lintener

Marita Lintener

Senior International Relations Officer

Cristian Pradera

SDP Planning Manager

Ramon Raposo Vidal

SDP Execution Manager

Louise Assomo

Transversal Support Officer

Luna Babusci

ANSP Expert AF 3

Anissa Bajja

Financial Controller

Akos Barany

ADS- B Communications Coordinator

Davide Bardelli

ACS Expert AF 5

Gaia Basile

SGA Specialist

Simon Blackwell

IT Consultant

Denis Bouvier

ANSP AF3 Expert

Yves Brouwers

ADS-B Stakeholder Relations Manager

Franck Castelain

Methodology & Tools Senior Expert

Pascal Colles

Airspace Users Expert Transversal Competencies

Jacqueline Coquel

Airspace Users Expert AF 4

Davide Corinaldesi

DLS Programme Manager

Claude Delfosse

Manager Corporate Services

Per Erland Andersen

Airports Expert AF 5

Sabrina Franchini

Personal Assistant to General Manager and Chief FPS

Stefan Froelich

Airspace Users Expert AF 6

Katerina Gautier

SGA Specialist

Anna Gernet

PCBA Expert

Kay Godon

HR & Procurement Officer

Florian Goly

PCBA Expert

Stephanie Hackenholt

Acting Manager Business Systems & Processes

Mark Haselwood

Senior Financial Controller

Klauspeter Hauf

ANSP's Expert AF 6

Yvonne Hufnagel

PCBA Expert

Larry Johnsson

ANSP's Expert AF 1

Pia Kneip

SGA Specialist

Thomas Koerber

ADS- B Workpackage Leader Airborne Domain

Madalina Kramer

Cooperative Arrangements Manager

Paul Langham

Business Analyst

Tim Laveyne

Stakeholder Support Assistant

Pablo Lebailly

System Analyst

Anders Ledin

ACS Expert AF 2

Chris Leeds

Information Solution Manager

Simona Lotti

ACS Expert Transversal AF 2 and AF 5


Fedia Mattarelli

Senior Legal Officer

Federica Messina

Stakeholders Consultation Platform Manager

Eric Miart

Airports Expert AF 2

Magnus Molbaek

ANSP's Expert AF 5

Monica Palacios Ituarte

Execution Senior Officer

Margherita Perotti

SGA Specialist

Peter Pravits

ANSP's Expert AF 6

Felicidad Ramos Manjavacas

Planning Senior Officer

Andreas Rheinschmidt

ACS Expert AF 3

Ralf Rohrig

Manager Systems Architecture and Operations Manager

Andrea Ruzzolini

Planning Expert

Benoit Samiez

Airports Expert AF 2

Giacomo Santucci

Strategy and Coordination Officer

Ralph Schwarzendahl

Performance & CBA Senior Expert

Barbora Smolikova

Acting Manager Partnerships Management

Tommaso Staro

SGA Specialist

Jan Stibor

ADS-B Programme Manager

Arndt Suendermann

ANSP's Expert AF 6

Melinda Toser

PCBA Expert

Cliff Van Craen

Communication Officer

Rebeca Velasquez

Personal Assistant to Chief SPM & Administrative Support

Alexandra Von Eckartsberg

Airport Expert AF 4