Full theatre programme DAY TWO - 22 June


DAY TWO - 22 June

10:00-11:00 Space and ATM

Space services and data are supporting the transformation of Air Traffic Management (ATM), and continuously evolving to meet new needs related to Communication, Navigation and Surveillance. Space has been used for more than 50 years in air navigation, and the deployment of space augmentation systems, like EGNOS, is bringing Cat I to all airports with minimum investment. EGNOS is evolving to dual frequency multi-constellation, and Galileo has been baselined for use in aeronautical navigation by ICAO. Moreover, space-based ADS-B is gaining momentum and new space services are underway to support aviation communication needs.

This panel will discuss the role of space in ATM, from research and development to deployment, discuss the service provider and user view on the latest developments and look ahead in view of safer, more resilient and sustainable air transport relying on space.

Moderator: Carmen Aguilera, Head of Mobility & Operational Market Development, EUSPA


  • Dragos Tonea, Manager iNEO, EUROCONTROL

  • Ruben Flohr, ATM Expert, architecture & systems engineering, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

  • Cristian Pradera, ATM Modernisation Planning Coordinator, SESAR Deployment Manager

11:15-11:45 iNM digital transformation

EUROCONTROL has embarked on a digital transformation journey to replace its core legacy systems which have successfully ensured flow and network management for over 25 years. Known as iNM – the integrated Network Management Programme will put in place a range of innovative digital products enabling EUROCONTROL to maximise the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the European aviation network through a new generation of cutting-edge, resilient and scalable operational systems.

The ten-year iNM programme envisages by 2030 the incremental renewal of all the Network Manager’s main operational systems, resulting in a new digital architecture that will harness the power of innovation and enable NM to deliver ever more integrated business services and products to its stakeholders.

Speaker: Tony Licu, Head of Operational Safety, NMD SQS and Integrated Risk, EUROCONTROL

12:00-12:30 CNS Strategy

The CNS Advisory Group, comprising experts from across the European ATM community, delivered a draft report with 12 recommendations and an action plan to ensure the best possible organisation, management and implementation of a CNS infrastructure based on past experiences. After a short overview of the report, the panel will exchange views on the main recommendations and actions to progress towards a stakeholders’ endorsement.

Moderator: Filip Cornelis, Director Aviation, DG MOVE, European Commission


  • Christine Berg, Deputy Director Aviation, European Commission

  • Giancarlo Buono, Director Safety and Flight Operations for Europe, IATA

  • Eduardo Garcia, Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety, CANSO

  • Luc Laveyne, Senior Advisor, ACI EUROPE

  • Emilio Farjardo, Director Industry, Synergies and Enablers, EDA


On 1 June 2022, a new consortium behind the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) was officially appointed by the European Commission. The European Commission together with the newly appointed Executive Director and high-level representatives of the SDM members will present under the credo ‘Modernising Air Traffic Management As One’ what the next steps on ATM modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR deployment in Europe are.

13.15-14.00 Reception

14:00-14:45 Accelerating market uptake and deployment

The modernisation of Europe’s ATM is entering a new phase with the establishment of the new SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking public-private partnership and the new SESAR Deployment Manager, in which EUROCONTROL Network Manager is taking on the role of consortium coordinator. The SESAR 3 JU has an explicit regulatory objective to develop and accelerate the market uptake of innovative solutions to establish the Single European Sky airspace as the most efficient and environmentally friendly sky to fly in the world.

This session will explore how the Europe for Aviation partners are working together to meet this objective, focusing on SESAR solutions that can be implemented rapidly and that can bring environmental benefits in the short to medium term. The panellists will also explore solutions that allow for a more flexible and resilient infrastructure that is capable of withstanding unpredictable shocks like COVID-19 and will explain how close cooperation with regulatory and standardisation bodies, notably EASA and EUROCAE, are key to accelerating the market uptake and deployment of such solutions.

Moderator: Paul Bosman, Head of ATM Infrastructure Division, EUROCONTROL


  • Marco De Sciscio, Principal Administrator & SESAR Team Leader, DG MOVE, European Commission

  • Marouan Chida, Head of Innovation and Market Uptake, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

  • Cristian Pradera, ATM Modernisation Planning Coordinator, SESAR Deployment Manager

  • Anna von Groote, Director General, EUROCAE

  • Manuel Rivas Vila, ATM Oversight Section Manager, EASA

15:00-15:45 Higher airspace operations

This panel will discuss ATM aspects of Higher Airspace Operations (HAO) and will allow for discussion on HAO from a number of different stakeholder perspectives. Short introductory presentations will be followed by a discussion which will enable the audience to understand the impact of Higher Airspace Operations from multiple perspectives.

Moderator: Robin Garrity, Senior External Affairs Officer, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking


  • Dragos Tonea, iNEO Manager, EUROCONTROL

  • Paul Mansfield, Future Approvals Manager, Zephyr Programme, Airbus Defence & Space

  • Paul Cremin, Head of Commercial Space, UK Department for Transport

  • Vicente de Frutos Cristóbal, SESAR Project Officer, EDA

16:00-16:30 ATM digitalisation through SWIM deployment

CP1 Regulation sets expectations for the deployment of SWIM in support of business operational improvements. Stakeholders need to understand how to deploy this technology modernisation enabler while bringing benefits to their organisation.


  • Magnus Molbaek, AF5 SWIM Expert, SESAR Deployment Manager

  • Pedro Fernandez Sancho, Information Management Expert, EUROCONTROL

16:45-17:15 Virtual centres

This session will look at the rapidly evolving context of the Virtual Centre concept and efforts for Virtual Centres services standardisation. It will look specifically at the status of research & development activities, industrialisation and stakeholder needs, recent first achievements as well as the next steps towards a performance-based approach to the Virtual Centres services standardisation.


  • Anna von Groote, Director General, EUROCAE

  • Olivia Nunez, ATM Expert, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

  • Nicolás Suárez Tetzlaff, ENAIRE, Chair of EUROCAE’s WG-122

  • Ben Stanley, Egis Aviation, WG-122 Secretary

17:30-17:50 Space and UAS

UAS are increasingly dependent on robust navigation and position information, as well as precise planning of their missions, in order to ensure the safety of their operations. This session will explore how Space services and data support UAS operations, implementation of U-space and pave the way for Urban air mobility. The speakers will discuss the role of EU navigation systems, Galileo and EGNOS, and Earth Observation, Copernicus. They will provide an outlook of the roadmap, actions and opportunities to integrate EGNOS/Galileo in U-Space, propose answers based on Space to the increasing needs for safe navigation and integrity tailored to the particularities to UAS, and introduce the role of Earth Observation to support flight planning and risk assessment. Moderator: Carmen Aguilera, Speakers:

Moderator: Carmen Aguilera, Head of Mobility and Operational Market Development, EUSPA


  • Miguel Aguilera, EGNSS Aviation Advisor, DG DEFIS, European Commission

  • Pablo Haro, Space Aviation and UAS Advisor, EUSPA

  • Pawel Korzec, CEO, Droneradar