Full theatre programme DAY THREE - 23 June


DAY THREE- 23 June

10:15-10:45 Mitigating the climate impact of non-CO2 emissions: MUAC/DLR contrail prevention trial: first results and way ahead

This presentation will focus on the results of the first worldwide live operational trial on contrail prevention aimed at mitigating non-CO2 emissions which was carried out in 2021 by EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), in partnership with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). With two-thirds of the impact of aviation on climate change believed to come from aircraft non-CO2 emissions, contrail prevention has a key role to play in curbing global warming. In total, 209 aircraft trajectories were included in the trial over 10 months. The MUAC/DLR trial on contrail prevention is one contributor and component in a much wider picture of mitigating climate change. It is an important milestone from theory to practice and a stepping stone from science to engineering. Scientists and ATM managers will share the results in a bid to spark decisions for the future of aviation. The way-ahead in contrail prevention will be explained.


  • Ilona Sitova, ATC Environmental Performance Specialist, Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, EUROCONTROL

  • Professor Dr. Robert Sausen, Coordinator of the German project D-KULT

11:00-11:30 Initial TBO deployment with ADS-C

This presentation will focus on the preparatory steps supporting the deployment of initial trajectory sharing as described by the CP1 regulation (AF6). EUROCONTROL and SDM have teamed up to lead the Operational Excellence Programme on ATS B2 to ensure the timely availability of complementary specifications on ADS-C/EPP data receipt and distribution for CP1 AF6. The presentation will also provide an outlook of where the community sees the extended use of ATS B2 datalink services in the context of TBO.


  • Eivan Cerasi, Deputy Head of Standardisation, EUROCONTROL

  • Cristian Pradera, ATM Modernisation Planning Coordinator, SESAR Deployment Manager