Workshop SWIM Implementation Update Focus on Common Components

17.09.2018 10:00-17:00


Belgocontrol Offices

Tervuursesteenweg 303

1820 Steenokkerzeel


Main objectives

Make you understand the objectives of SWIM Governance, cybersecurity, PKI etc. and how these relate to your implementations.


Final agenda

10:00 -10:20 Introduction

  • Welcome

  • Introduction

  • Why SWIM?

  • What is SWIM?

10:20-13:00 Service Deployment Environment

SWIM Governance

  • SWIM Governance objectives

  • How to become a service provider?

  • Service definitions/service descriptions

  • How to achieve SWIM Compliance?

  • Tracing service payload to the AIRM


  • Common PKI (project) and what it can do for you?

  • What remains to be done locally?


14:00-16:00 Service Implementation Example

  • A-CDM example

  • Transition (ESB,..)

  • Yellow Profile compliance

  • Real code

  • PKI example

16:00-17:00 Coordination international and military

  • Federal Aviation Authority approach

  • European Defense Agency view on cybersecurity

Closing remarks