SDM at the Aerospace Tech Week 2021

03.11.2021 11:00

Cristian Pradera, Deployment Programme and Planning Manager, will be speaking at the Aerospace Tech Week on the 3rd of November from 11:00 to 12:30 CET. He will be talking about Mandates and Regulatory Framework Updates alongside Jean-Marc Loscos (DSNA on behalf of CANSO) and Henk Hof (EUROCONTROL).

Despite the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic's massive impact on the aerospace industry, enhanced safety and communications between the aircraft in the sky and the ground control continue to dominate the industry as technology becomes and increasing driver. Airlines need to move from capacity to efficiency, so what's the latest regulations and how are regulators and mandates impacting on the industry? What needs to be installed in the aircraft to meet these mandates and what is the impact on avionics for operators? Following the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact on the industry, who is going to pay for updates?