Monitoring View 2021 Webinar
Monitoring View 2021 Webinar

Monitoring View 2021 Webinar

16.11.2021 10:00-13:00

SESAR Deployment Manager was pleased to hold the Monitoring View 2021 webinar on the 16th of November from 10:00 - 13:00 CET.


  • Introduction by Mariagrazia La Piscopia (Chief Strategy & Programme Management), Jakub Kepa, Luc Laveyne and Francis Richards (Liaison Officers)

  • Monitoring Exercise - Reporting on the implementation of SDP / CP1

  • Groud gaps - Collecting SDP data via the LSSIP+ tool

  • Airborne gaps - SDP Monitoring templates

  • The elaboration and consultation of the SDP Monitoring View 2021

  • Questions and Answers



This link contains:

  • SDM Monitoring Exercise 2021 Guidance Material: comprising the necessary details for a successful reporting from your side

  • SDM replies to the questioned addressed during the Webinar

  • Slides presented during the Webinar