LSSIP+ for Airport Operators  WEBINAR
LSSIP+ for Airport Operators  WEBINAR

LSSIP+ for Airport Operators WEBINAR

08.11.2023 09:00-13:00

WEBINAR on LSSIP+ for Airport Operators on Wednesday 08 November 2023.The online meeting will offer direct interaction with our experts next to dedicated Q&A time to ensure we can cover all your questions.


 This combined session by SESAR Deployment Manager and EUROCONTROL is intended for Airport Operators to support their reporting in LSSIP+. The goal is to facilitate some proper explanations on the content of their monitoring exercise. The session will contain detailed guidance aiming at:

  • Improving the understanding of the ATM MPL3 Implementation Objectives & Lines of Actions/ SDP Families and Deployment Milestones impacting the Airport Operators,

  • Explaining how they are monitored through the LSSIP+ process and the SDM Monitoring Exercise,

  • Providing some tips on how the progress should be reported,

  • After a shared introduction, the webinar will be split in 2 main blocks, the first one focusing on CP1 contents and the second one on ATM MPL3 Objectives outside of the CP1 scope. During the whole session the audience will be able to make questions, however after every topic specific Q&A sessions will allow you to have direct contact with the Experts.

The meeting will be recorded and will be shared together with any additional info after the webinar.


  • Introduction

    • The LSSIP Process and the SDM Monitoring Exercise

    • General Guidance on Reporting

    • How to report in the LSSIP+ Tool

  • Technical peculiarities affecting CP1 reporting

    • SDP Families applicable for Airport Operators

    • Focus on AOP and Safety Nets

    • Focus on AOP/NOP Integration

    • Focus on SWIM Services for Airport Operators

  • Break 

  • Technical peculiarities of MPL3 non-CP1 Objectives

    • Remote Tower Services

    • Safety Nets for Vehicle Drivers, Guidance assistance through AGL & Runway Status Lights (RWSL)

    • Clarification on A-CDM and its relationship with the de-icing management tool

    • Airport Collaborative Environmental Management

    • NewPENS

    • Improve Runway Safety by Preventing Runway Excursions

We hope to see you there!