IAWA European Leadership Forum
IAWA European Leadership Forum

IAWA European Leadership Forum

23.06.2023 08:00-17:30

VENUE: Renaissance Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Hotel, Meester Jacob, Mr. Jac. Takkade 35, 1432 CB Aalsmeer, Netherlands


08:00 Registration and Networking Coffee

09:00 Opening and Welcome Note

  • Maartje van der Helm, General Manager Performance & Development, LVNL.

09:05 IAWA Welcome Note

  • Marita Lintener, Member of IAWA Board, VP Europe & Africa

  • Kathleen Guilfoyle, President of IAWA

09:15 Conference Chair Welcome

  • Tina Collier, IAWA UK, Aviation Counsel, Convex Insurance

09:20 Keynote Address by LVNL

  • Michiel van Dorst, CEO, LVNL

09:35-10:30 PANEL 1: Executive Panel – “Female leadership-challenges in our industry”

The panel of executive female leaders of our industry will discuss the state of play of aviation in the aftermath of covid-19, economic recovery and threat of next recession, the war from Russia against Ukraine in the backyards of the centre of Europe impacting the whole aviation value chain and society, plus the old and new challenges of digital and green transformation. In the last years the C-Suite of females at the helm of aviation companies has grown significantly. We are looking forward to a thrilling discussion about the state of play of our industry and the experiences and points of view of female leaders.


  • Marloes van Laake, COO, Transavia

  • Valerie Hackl, Managing Director, Austrocontrol

  • Maria Laine, President, Boeing UK

  • Marion Geoffrey, Managing Director, Wizz Air UK


  • Maartje van der Helm, LVNL

10:30 – 11:00 Break and Networking Coffee

11:00 – 11:20 Keynote Speaker

  • Oyin Heath, Managing Director, Global Head of Aerospace, WTW

11:20 – 12:15 PANEL 2: Business and General Aviation: Facing the challenges

Business Aviation provides bespoke, flexible, point to point air transportation for individuals, governments, businesses and local communities in the most time-efficient way possible. It generally refers to an on-demand industry that consists of a mixture of commercial and non-commercial services that encompasses everything from charter to corporate and emergency medical flights. During the pandemic years, in tandem with commercial airlines refitted for cargo, it allowed medical supplies to flow freely to the locations where it was needed and businesses to continue to support the world economy. Our panel will explore how business aviation supports industry, is a quiet champion of the unassailable industry-wide sustainability mission and will shed light on how it is performing as part of the wider aviation ecosystem.


  • Aoife O’Sullivan, Air Law Firm

  • Richard Koe, Managing Director, WingX

  • Melanie Daglish, Director, ITIC


  • Zoë Layden, Managing Director, Claveaux Consulting Ltd

12:15 – 12:35 Inspirational Speaker

Emma Henderson, CEO at Project Wingman Foundation Ltd

12:35 – 14:00 Lunch and Networking Break

14:00 – 14:05 Presentation on the benefits of IAWA membership

Annemarie Schuite, Senior Legal Officer, Dutch Safety Board

14:05 – 15:00 PANEL 3: Automation for the Future of the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has made significant advances in automation in the last 50 years – what does the future have in store? In this panel, we discuss how automation is currently, and will be, implemented across the aerospace industry: from manufacturers to operators, legislators, and lawyers; in aviation and in space. Advances in robotics, for manufacturing and operations, as well as the associated ethical considerations will be discussed. The uses of artificial intelligence in airport management, air traffic control, and business operations will be evaluated. Speakers will be from a range of backgrounds: academia and research; OEMs, airport management, and business.


  • Rebecca Smith, On-wing Technology Product Manager, GE Aerospace

  • Alexandre Feray, CEO, Open Airlines

  • Olya Kudina, Professor (Robotics, Ethics), TU Delft

  • Mariagrazia La Piscopia, Executive Director, SESAR


  • Tanja Grobotek, Director, CANSO Europe

15:00 – 15:35 Coffee Break and Networking

15:35 – 16:30 PANEL 4: Cyber Security and Defence

In recent years, critical infrastructures in the aviation industry have become highly dependent on digital technology: this leaves them increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. As the war in Ukraine progresses, the aviation industry must become more aware of, and resilient to, digital threats. In this panel we will discuss actions that organisations can take on a local and global level to improve on digital resilience. By taking the war in Ukraine as a contemporary example in this panel, we will focus on the interaction between the civil and military industry and how this relates to cybersecurity.


  • Sanne Maasakkers, Security Specialist, National Cyber Security Centre (Ministry of Justice and Security)

  • Rosehana Amin, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP

  • Sabina Zaharescu, Aerospace Engineer, European Defence Agency


  • Shalini Bisram, Crisis Contingency and Security Expert, LVNL

16:30-16:35 Closing Remarks and End of the Forum

16:35 – 17:30 Optional Farewell Drinks and Networking Opportunity

Pre-registration required on www.iawa.org. No onsite registration available. Networking reception on evening of 22 June 2023 is complimentary in registration.

(Agenda status as of 9 June 2023.)

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