SESAR Deployment Manager Webinar - Monitoring View 2020: SWIM, DLS and ADS-B

16.07.2020 09:30-12:00

The SDM Monitoring View webinar on SWIM, DLS and ADS-B will take place on 16th July 2020 from 09:30 to 12:00. The registration link will be directly communicated to concerned stakeholders.

Every year, the SDM Monitoring View aims to provide a common reference to operational stakeholders on the status of PCP implementation and effectively gather information from them in order to build an updated snapshot of the current status of implementation, both on ground and airborne sides.

This year, the stakeholders’ contribution to the Monitoring View exercise will be crucial for SDM to report the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the European aviation industry and European institutions and to trigger some further actions.

This webinar aims to provide support to the stakeholders implementing the Pilot Common Project in Europe in filling in the Monitoring View questionnaires and surveys, which represent the building blocks of the document. The webinar will be focused on the novelties of this year’s exercise (SWIM, DLS and ADS-B), with experts giving insight on how the documents have changes and providing practical examples for each Family and each Stakeholder Category.