Updating on the status of Amendments

SDM together with INEA is currently finalizing the respective Amendments of all existing Specific Grant Agreements (SGAs) to reflect the FPA amendment No 5, and in particular to reflect that the Coordinator as SDA AISBL became a legal entity as from 1st of January 2018.

As already mentioned in the April edition of the newsletter no further action is necessary on your side. We will promptly inform you after receipt of the signed documents which will be uploaded to the FPA Repositories of the respective Actions.

It needs to be highlighted that this round of SGA amendments does not include any request from IPP-side. As agreed with INEA the sole reason for this round of amendments is the change of coordinator which needs to be reflected in all SGAs.

Therefore, following the submission and INEA notification of the Action Status Report (ASR) assessment finalization, SDM will submit to INEA a consolidated request for amendment per each Action. This the yearly round of amendment will group all received and validated amendment requests in accordance with the agreed amendment process. This process was introduced during the Kick-Off Meeting for the Call 2016 and the Annual Meetings for the Call 14 and the Calls 15 held in November last year in Brussels. For further information, please refer to the SDM Transversal Guidelines for Action execution processes (chapter 4.1 SGA Amendment Process).