As mentioned during the Kick Off Meeting of Call 16 and the Annual Meetings of Call 14 and Call 15 held in November last year in Brussels we would like to highlight some relevant aspects regarding the Amendment process. In particular, please keep in mind that Amendment requests should be send whenever there is a change of the SGA (Annex I or Annex II) and should be timely submitted in order to be processed before the change is meant to take effect.


In addition, Implementing Partners (IPPs) should submit amendment requests to the SDA AISBL and not to INEA directly. In fact, such requests are even not admissible since they would not be submitted by the Coordinator itself. This stems from the fact that the SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA) AISBL acting as the FPA Coordinator is, pursuant to Article II.1.3(b) of the FPA, “(…) the intermediary for all communications between the partners and the Commission (…)” and that, more specifically, pursuant to Article II.12.4(a) of the FPA, “[a] request for amendment on behalf of the partners shall be submitted by the Coordinator” (emphasis added).


In this context it should be mentioned that the SDA AISBL also acts as the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) and that, pursuant to Article 9(c) of Regulation (EU) No 409/2013, the SDM is responsible for ensuring “(…) efficient synchronisation and overall coordination of the Implementation Projects [(IPs)], and the related investment in line with the Deployment Programme”. In this respect, the SDA also has to coordinate amendment requests.