Action Status Report 2018

The elaboration of the Action Status Report 2018 for the ongoing Actions execution phases was launched in occasion of the meetings held in November 2017 when the process and timeline have been shared. Moreover, in order to better support the Implementing Partners, the 2018 IP ASR Guidance and the Transversal Guidelines for Action Execution Processes have been released. The roadmap for the ASR 2018 was slightly revised to ensure that all IP ASRs were correctly validated by SDM and IPPs have sufficient time to confirm the contents of their respective IP ASR. The process is for your convenience reported here below:

In the past weeks the IP ASRs were elaborated by the IP-Leaders in coordination with their contributors. They were validated by the SDM and the IP-Leaders have been asked to confirm the technical and financial content by 5th of February 2018.

The validated and confirmed IP ASRs present the basis for the Activity ASRs elaboration. The deadline for the Activity ASR elaboration by the Activity leaders was as well slightly revised in accordance with the roadmap above. The new deadline for the Activity ASR elaboration is the 16th of February 2018.

In addition, in order to ease Member States (MSs) role within the ASR process and keep them updated on the status of the activities and related timeline, SDM sent a communication to all involved MSs on the 20th of January 2018. In particular, the following activities have been reported:
• SDM will provide the MSs, by 15th of February, only for information purpose, the relevant IP ASRs validated by SDM and confirmed by the IPPs in their final versions;
• The MSs should confirm the respective MSs entitled representatives to certify the ASRs in order to grant them the access to the TENtec tool;
• by the 5th March, SDM will provide the MS representatives a batch of documentation aimed to increase the understanding of the progress of the Action(s) in place and needed to activate their ASRs certification;
MSs will have the possibility to comment and provide contributions on the overall Action ASR content in draft version on TENtec by the 15th March. SDM will integrate the comments/contributions provided by the MSs representatives and change the Status of the Action ASR in “ready for MS certification” on the TENtec;
• MSs are requested to certify ASR(s) in compliance with Article II.23.1 (or SESAR FPA II.23.1b) “Requests for pre-financing payments and supporting documents in case of grants for implementation projects” is full, reliable and true, providing their relevant Certification directly on TENtec tool or via mail by the 27th March;
SDM will collect all contributions and submit the validated and certified ASR through the TENtec system by 31st of March 2018.

SDM would like to advise you to liaise with your respective Member State in order to ensure the smooth execution of the upcoming ASRs certification process.

In addition, as already shared in the overall timeline, as from 27th of February till the 2nd of March you will be asked to approve the Action Status Report at Action level. As mentioned above the Action ASR will be shared with the MSs and potential comments/contributions from the MSs might be included. In order to confirm that the content of the relevant Action, Activity and IP ASRs is full, reliable and true, the IPPs are requested to provide a Declaration on Honour duly signed and dated by the respective legal representatives. A separate communication will be sent to you in due time to inform about the process.