Digital solutions for a more efficient ATM system in Europe

The need for a more intelligent air transport system in Europe, relying on greater digitalisation and automation, will be just one of the topics discussed during the SESAR-led session at TEN-T Days, from 25th to 27th April in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Updates will also be given on the ongoing progress of SESAR deployment to make ATM modernisation a reality in Europe, as well as the functionalities and approach of SESAR Deployment Manager on bringing ATM modernisation into daily operations in Europe.


More than 200 guests are expected to attend the aviation session,  which will be opened by Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager of the SESAR Deployment Manager.

Throughout the day, expert input will also be provided from a variety of members of the SESAR family and stakeholders.


Attendees will receive a thorough overview of the SESAR concept to-date, and ongoing project developments in the shaping of tomorrow’s innovative air traffic management system in Europe, with both civil and military projects highlighted.


There will also be a presentation on why the modernisation of Europe’s ATM is being co-funded at the European level, with details as to how SESAR’s role fits into the bigger picture.


See below for a full breakdown of the SESAR-led session.


“These discussions will showcase innovative digital solutions that call for a more efficient and effective transport system in Europe,” said Warinsko.


“They will focus on SESAR-led solutions to enhance air transport connectivity through combining legal measures, engagement of civil and military stakeholders, incentives and strong policy steering into an inclusive policy-driven innovation cycle that takes new ATM technologies and operational concepts from their definition to their deployment into the operational environment.”


“This cycle, developed with stakeholders over the past decade, is now running at full regime,” he added. “Future aviation will be part of a new intelligent transport system relying on greater digitalization and automation that will transform services enabling seamless multimodal transport for citizens and businesses.


“This requires a more service-based approach with stronger focus on users’ needs and concentrating efforts and support on systems rather than on technology.”


SESAR-led session on 25th April 2018



  • 11:15 – 11:30: Introduction
    Nicolas Warinsko (General Manager of the SESAR Deployment Manager)


  • 11:30 – 11:40: Marian-Jean Marinescu (Member of the European Parliament)


  • 11:40 – 11:50: Cristobal Millan de La Lastra (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, Head of Unit CEF Transport C2 – Central and South-East Europe, ATM and Marco Polo)


  • 11:50 – 12:40: High level panel representatives of SESAR stakeholders
    Moderated by Nicolas Warinsko (General Manager of the SESAR Deployment Manager)
    Airports: Zmago Skobir (Managing Director Ljubljana Airport)|
    Air Navigation Service Providers: The CEO of a leading ANSP (name to be confirmed)
    Airspace Users: Peter Bellew (Chief Operating Officer Ryanair)
    Military: Christophe Vivier (European Defence Agency Head of UnitSES)/SESAR )


  • 12:50 – 13:00: Closure
    Henrik Hololei (Director General of DG Mobility and Transport)


About TEN-T Days


European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc is inviting Ministers, Members of the European Parliament and key stakeholders to Ljubljana to discuss how to contribute to smart, sustainable and safe Mobility, relying on the trans-European transport network and investments in transport connectivity.


The TEN-T Days will also host an idea accelerator and futuristic lab, to allow young European entrepreneurs and companies to showcase innovative mobility solutions. There will be a high-level Interinstitutional meeting to discuss further synergies between transport, energy and digital connectivity, and the investment support with highest EU value-added in the post-2020 framework, leading to a Ljubljana declaration by all relevant stakeholders on key principles for investment in smart, sustainable and safe mobility. Among the high-level events, there will be Ministerial sessions with Western Balkans and Turkey, and with Southern Mediterranean countries.


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