Did you know that... The sky above your head is being modernised and digitalised to benefit you! #DYKT
Did you know that... The sky above your head is being modernised and digitalised to benefit you! #DYKT

Did you know that... The sky above your head is being modernised and digitalised to benefit you! #DYKT

It all starts with the Single European Sky, the European Union’s initiative to create a modern, digitalised single European airspace. This promises to benefit the planet thanks to a smaller aviation environmental footprint. It improves flight and cost efficiency and benefits European travellers and economy with fewer delays, improved safety standards and lower costs.

The creation of a Single Digital European Sky requires concerted efforts that can be summed up under a continuous cycle of innovation - development - validation and deployment of aviation modernisation projects. All of this in a close collaborative set-up with the entire aviation industry and especially with Air Traffic Management (ATM) stakeholders.

To achieve this modern and digital European sky, the European Union launched an aviation modernisation initiative called “SESAR” (Single European Sky ATM Research), providing a roadmap for driving this modernisation. Where the SESAR Joint Undertaking coordinates all technological research and development aspects in aviation, the SESAR Deployment Manager is, since 2015, the coordinator standing behind the actual live on-site implementation of hundreds of aviation modernisation projects.

With currently nearly 350 projects to be implemented by 93 partners over 32 countries, SESAR Deployment Manager has been working tirelessly on this ambitious modernisation project which is a key enabler for making European aviation more sustainable.

SESAR deployment is delivering on its promise thanks to the tremendous achievements and commitment of its civil and military operational stakeholders: Airspace Users, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Meteo Service Providers, and many other partners working towards the same goal: modernising and digitalising European aviation to deliver concrete benefits to the environment, European passengers, citizens and economy.

To ensure the long-term continuity of this ambitious project, SESAR Deployment Manager is working on the 2021 edition of the SESAR Deployment Programme. This programme has been a key document since its inception, guiding all involved stakeholders on the ground and in the air in their efforts to modernise the European sky. This year’s edition will serve as a blueprint for all further SESAR deployment of aviation modernisation projects in the years to come.

These massive investments in time, money and energy by the European aviation operational stakeholders playing a leading role in SESAR deployment, and financially supported by the European Union, strive towards one paramount objective: making European aviation more digital, effective, cost-efficient, scalable, resilient and environmentally sustainable.

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