Data Link Services implementation progresses to next stage

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has launched a call for tenders to help it take the implementation stage of modernising Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) communications infrastructure to the next level.

SDM was originally mandated by the European Commission (EC) to act as Data Link Services (DLS) implementation manager back in 2016, a role which has involved acting as the architect for DLS implementation in Europe.

This role was established following a study by SESAR Joint Undertaking (ELSA), recommending “to empower a pan-European air/ground datalink implementing function having appropriate steering responsibilities”.

Since 2016, SDM has developed a “Data Link Services implementation strategy” that encompasses all implementation activities needed to fully enact DLS and AF6.

This was developed incorporating feedback from all SDM stakeholders and then delivered to the EC as an addendum to the Strategic View of the SESAR Deployment Programme.

At a later stage, SDM created a “DLS Recovery Plan”, which sets a path from today’s DLS implementation status in Europe up to Initial Trajectory Information Sharing (AF6) implementation, by the deadlines set in the Pilot Common Project.

“The DLS Recovery plan focuses on the concrete and relevant activities required to be undertaken in ground and airborne domains to achieve, in the right sequence, a synchronised DLS deployment in Europe,” said Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager, SDM.

SDM’s call for tenders, launched earlier this month, will lead to a direct service contract with the successful tenderer, who will need to provide an update of the VDL Mode 2 Capacity and Performance Analysis.

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