About SESAR Deployment Alliance

The SESAR Deployment Alliance


The SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA) is the organization which has been selected by the European Commission to perform the SDM function until 31st December 2020.

Legal setup

The SDA is a “Not-for-Profit” International Association (AISBL) set-up under Belgian Law and composed of leading airlines, airports and air navigation service providers – the managers and users of Europe’s airspace. They are committed to the principle of the Single European Sky and to deploying the technologies that will deliver it to create customer and environmental efficiencies.

The SDA is composed of:

Airspace users grouping

– Airports, represented by the SDAG EEIG Group of Airports

– Air navigation service providers, represented by the ANSP grouping



The SDA is led by Nicolas Warinsko as the General Manager supported by the Management Team. You can find details of SDA managers on the contact page.

The General Manager is appointed by and reports to the Board of Directors, materializing the equal partnership between the 3 groupings of Airspace users, Airports and Air navigation service providers with 2 representatives per grouping.

The General Meeting of Members is the general leading body of the Association. It is composed of representatives from all the Members of the Association and oversees the Board of Directors for the most important aspects of the life of the Association.



The SDA shall:

  • Adopt a passenger centric approach at all times but also take care for needs of cargo, military, business and general aviation in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Pilot Common Project implementing regulation and every subsequent Common Project;
  • Represent the Operational Stakeholders, in particular the Air Navigation Service Providers, the Airspace Users and the Airports Operators, demonstrating the principles of cooperative and collaborative decision-making across its members and beyond, through a European wide operational Stakeholders Consultation Platform and a range of Cooperative Arrangements with other stakeholders;
  • Create the right environment for successful Common Projects implementation by the industry, focused on delivering high levels of customer service and performance through open and transparent interaction with all stakeholders;
  • Raise awareness of and build trust with any stakeholder required to invest and deploy through Common Projects, so that it understands and recognizes the SESAR Deployment Programme elaborated by the Deployment Manager; and
  • Focus on a timely and performance-driven implementation of the Common Projects.