Submission Indication of Interest 2016 CEF Calls for Transport is open




As from today, 10th June 2016, it is possible for all SESAR operational stakeholders to express their Indication of Interest to participate in the 2016 CEF Calls for Transport.

The Indication of Interest exercise is an instrument for SESAR Deployment Manager to be able to support stakeholders in preparing candidate Implementing Project(s) submission for the upcoming CEF Calls.

It has been designed as a voluntary and non-binding process to reinforce the overall consistency of future proposals to be coordinated by SDM, by strengthening the alignment between the future candidate Implementation Projects and the content of the Deployment Programme.

The process supports the development of a common and shared approach for the upcoming Calls, as currently outlined within the Strategic View of the DP 2016 (section 2.6.2); this approach has the final goal of aligning the overall funding request with the available envelopes, whilst also securing the most critical implementation initiatives for timely PCP implementation. It has to be stressed that the envelope dedicated to the next Calls will not be as wide as the one of the last ones and therefore there is a clear need to carefully target the proposals.

More specifically, Section 2.6.2 of the Programme encompasses Guidelines and recommendations to operational Stakeholders that represent the main principles and rationales under which the Proposal preparation process will be carried out.

In particular, the application of such principles shall steer a more mature gap-driven approach to the future Calls, i.e. by clearly linking the candidate Implementation Projects with existing implementation gaps per Family, as defined in the Project View of the Programme. To this end, SDM recommends Stakeholders to take into account and benefit from the updated picture of the list of existing gaps that will be featured in the DP 2016 Final Draft (to be published on July 15th), already encompassing the impacts of the 2015 CEF Call awarding decision and the outcomes of the SDM monitoring exercise.

Take note that you can submit your interest until 13th September 2016 via a dedicated template available in the SDM STAR tool.*

In order to submit your IoI:

1/ you are already a STAR user:

In order to get access to the IoI template, please provide the list of STAR users of your company who should be granted the right to create IoIs.

Your company may also request a new user account for the creation of IoI by sending an email to the following address: 

2/ you are not yet a STAR user:

In order to get access to the IoI template, please request 1 new STAR account per company by sending an email to the following address: .

All STAR users identified will then receive a dedicated guidance for the creation of IoIs in STAR.

If you have any questions related to the use of the tool, please do not hesitate to contact .


More information:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

* Stakeholders who are, for technical reasons, unable to use STAR, may submit their Indication of Interest via an Excel template, available upon request at
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