Will the SDM actively coordinate between IoI submission to align possible project partners / assure multi-stakeholder projects?

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Tim Laveyne


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In response to Indications of Interest, on October 10th the SESAR Deployment Manager has provided targeted feedback to operational stakeholders, in order to better structure the future candidate Implementation Projects and build a more coherent and integrated proposal. With regard to the alignment between different stakeholders and the merging of similar/parallel initiatives, SDM has scouted potentially overlapping initiatives and underlined the opportunity of submitting a joint multi-stakeholder initiative. Specific Point of Contacts have been highlighted, in order to set the ground for bilateral contacts.

Furthermore, SDM will take advantage of the first round of Implementation Projects (expected for November 3rd, for DLS Implementation Projects the first round is expected for November 17th) to identify candidate Implementation Projects that could be merged, in order to better synchronize and de-fragment the PCP deployment.

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