What are the principles driving the 3SA?

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As is further explained in the Whitepaper, the 3SA will be guided by the following four principles:

  • The 3SA will work to ensure that all European operational ATM stakeholders should have access to the same information exchange resources, so that there is a “level playing field” (competition objective).
  • The 3SA will work to ensure that changes to the SDB are agreed in an inclusive, transparent and collaborative process (fair evolution objective).
  • The 3SA will work to govern the SDB such that the actual operational needs of the Single European Sky, in particular with regards to safety, cyber security and overall  systemic efficiency, are duly  taken into account (responsibility objective).
  • The 3SA will push to accelerate the digital evolution of the European ATM systems. A light, non-heavy administrative approach will be promo ted (agility objective).
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