At what stage in the process will we know if our IP is eligible and/or will receive financing?

3.12K viewsPrevious INEA CEF Calls (2014 and 2015)

Projects submitted during 2015 CEF Transport Call will be evaluated on the basis of the following timetable, provided by the European Commission within the 2015 CEF transport call.

Evaluation of the proposal(s) will start following the deadline for submission of the proposal (16 February 2016 – 17:00 Brussels time).

Timetable for the evaluation:

– Deadline for the submission of proposals – 16 February 2016 (17:00 Brussels


– Deadline for the submission of translations (if applicable) – 23 February 2016

– Evaluation of proposals – February-May 2016 (indicative)

– Consultation of CEF Coordination Committee; information of European

Parliament – June 2016 (indicative)

– Adoption of Selection Decision – July 2016 (indicative)

– Signature of individual grant Agreements – As of September 2016 (indicative)

At the time of the selection decision, all applicants will be informed by SDM on the basis of the information provided either by the MS or by INEA.

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