Is the SESAR Deployment Manager deciding on applications for INEA projects and on the distribution of the public funds?

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No. All decisions on INEA applications remain with INEA (including co-funding percentage up to 50% for ground investment and 20% for airborne).

SDM steers the CEF Transport calls for proposals through its Deployment Programme (DP), the project view drawn from the PCP. For instance, the DP V1 that will be delivered to the EC on 30th June 2015 will be the specification for the next CEF Transport Calls for Proposals expected at the end of 2015. Because of the central role of the Deployment Programme, we invite and strongly recommend all operational stakeholders to get involved directly or indirectly in its consultation.

During the submission phase, the SESAR Deployment Manager supports the stakeholders and facilitates their applications. In anticipation of its future role to synchronise and coordinate, the SESAR Deployment Manager structures and clusters individual projects into a limited number of proposals. Within each proposal, the SESAR Deployment Manager inserts an FPA coordination work-package that includes specific coordination services to be delivered by the SESAR Deployment Manager during the execution of the projects. Consequently, the SESAR Deployment Manager is a partner in every proposal, together with the implementing partners.

Once projects have been awarded by INEA, the SESAR Deployment Manager provides for a single interface with INEA during the execution phase, with regard to the administrative and co-funding management of the projects. With regard to technical issues, operations and performance, the SESAR Deployment Manager will liaise directly with the project managers to ensure coordination and synchronisation of implementation projects as per EC regulation.

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