How does SDM assess the Implementing Projects initiatives? (criteria, external experts, etc.)?

2.67K viewsPrevious INEA CEF Calls (2014 and 2015)

SDM’s assessment of the implementation projects initiatives aims to confirm that they are within SDM’s scope, not to decide whether they should be co-funded or not. For the purpose of CEF Transport Call for proposals 2014, please refer to the chapter 2 and the annex A of the PDP V1.

For future CEF Transport Call for proposals, DP will be approved by EC before the calls are launched and become an integral requirement for these calls. DP V1 will thus endeavour to identify projects to be submitted in the next calls so that the PCP could be implemented timely and fully. Therefore, future calls should come with more details, including the technical and the performance view, making any future SDM assessment more straightforward than for the call 2014.

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