What are the roles of the Action Coordinator and the Action Leader in the INEA action application?

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An Action is a cluster of Implementation Projects.

The Action Coordinator means the SESAR Deployment Manager acting as coordinator within each INEA Implementation Action for the purpose of performing the FPA Coordinator’s Tasks.

Action Leader means the Implementing Partner designated by all of the Implementing Partners of a given Implementation Action as the interlocutor with the SESAR Deployment Manager and the leader of that Action for and on behalf of all Implementing Partners of such action, and as the focal point for the flow of technical and economic information and regular updates to the Action Coordinator.

For technical and execution management of the projects, the SDM will directly liaise with the leaders of the Implementing Projects (called Implementing Project Leader – IP leader). In case of a multi-stakeholders IP, IP leader will act for and on behalf of the others Implementing Partners of the project.

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