What is the relation between the Deployment Programme and local plans? Should operational stakeholders have to wait for DP version 1 before developing local plans?

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Cliff Van Craen

Local plans already exist. They are made of projects, some of them PCP related, so within SDM’s scope, some others addressing implementation outside PCP, so outside SDM’s scope. In the absence of SDM and DP, it could happen that local projects, even when related to PCP, are not well coordinated in scope and in time, resulting into overlaps, duplications, sub-optimum implementation, higher costs, and lower or delayed benefits.

The Deployment Programme’s ambition is to develop a top-down project view of all implementation projects needed to fully and timely implement the PCP. After stakeholders’ consultation, buy-in and approval by EC, it is indeed SDM’s expectation that the same stakeholders will bring the DP back home, re-align their own local plans and submit proposals to future CEF Transport Calls accordingly.

So, whilst SDM acknowledges that stakeholders should continuously update their local plans, SDM strongly recommends considering DP after its approval as the reference. The more stakeholders’ local plans align with DP, the more chances stakeholders have to get their projects awarded for co-funding.