How has the model Grant Agreement for CEF been developed?

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Regulation (EU) No 1316/2013 establishing the Connecting Europe Facility determines the conditions, methods and procedures for providing Union financial assistance to trans-European networks in order to support projects of common interest in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructures. A single model grant agreement for the three CEF sectors provides consistency, rationalisation and equal treatment.


The use of Grant Agreements instead of Commission decisions has been decided by the responsible Commission Services for the following reasons:

– Grant Agreements are enforceable outside the EU to participants from third countries, as provided for under the CEF Regulation, while Grant Decisions are not legally enforceable outside the EU.

– Administrative simplification: all amendments to the Grant Agreement during the life-time of the Action will be signed by the Agency and formal consultation with other Commission Services is no longer needed.

The form of a Grant Agreement, already used in many other EU Programmes, is well suited to cover complex Actions involving many beneficiaries.


The model agreement for CEF has been developed on the basis of the model used by the Commission for all EU Programmes following the Financial Regulations approved by the European Parliament and the Council. This model was approved by all relevant Commission Services. Any modification would require the approval of the same Commission Services, including the three Commission Directorate-Generals responsible for the CEF Programme.


The Model Grant Agreement sets terms and conditions for EU grants management under CEF, in line with the EU Financial Regulation and CEF Regulation, both adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure, thus with the full involvement of the Member State as co-legislator.

(source: INEA)

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