Who will have to fill in the Application Forms A, B, C and D within the CEF Transport Call 2015?

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The Proposal(s) to be submitted in response to the CEF Transport Call 2015 is composed of four parts (including their respective annexes) as follows:

– Application Form Part A identifies the main characteristics of the proposal (e.g. brief description of the proposed Action and its activities, contact details and characteristics of the applicants, as well as information related to the funding requested, the transport mode, placement on the network etc.).

– Application Form Part B provides administrative information about the applicants, their designated affiliated entities and their financial capacity.

– Application Form Part C provides information on the compliance of the proposed Action with EU law in the fields of environmental protection, interoperability, state aid, road charging, public procurement, and other sources of EU funding.

– Application Form Part D provides technical and financial information on the Action submitted for funding.

All Implementing Partners who want to participate to the CEF Transport Call 2015 have to prepare and submit to the SDM the information necessary to properly populate the four above mentioned forms according to the SDM Guidelines and INEA indications (including supporting documentation). SDM in its role of coordinator will prepare the overall Forms for the proposal according to the data provided.

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