Do Beneficiaries make a request for amendment to get a budget transfer?

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In accordance to Article II.22 of the FPA “the partners are allowed to adjust the estimated budget set out in Annex II of the Specific agreement, by transfers of amounts between themselves and between the different budget categories, without this adjustment being considered as an amendment of the Specific agreement within the meaning of Article II.12, provided that the action is implemented as described in Annex I of the Specific agreement.”
Project savings will be assessed at the closure of the project, and will only occur in case an IP is fully completed in accordance to the IP description in the SGA with an overall amount of eligible costs lower than the planned one. In this case, savings can be transferred to other successful IPs, within the same SGA.
The principles for the redistribution of the savings will be elaborated by SDM in accordance with the SGA provisions, INEA procedures and shared with the IPPs.

Therefore, there is no contractual certainty as to whether the budget transfer will be accepted at the end of the Action by INEA.

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