Workshop on the 3SA – SDB Initiative ‘Towards collaborative governance of the digital backbone for the Single European Sky’ – 05/04/2019 – Brussels 



World ATM Congress 2019 – Madrid – Spain

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Workshop Data Link Services – 17/01/2019 – Brussels




Workshop on Extended AMAN – 18/09/2018 – Brussels



Workshop SWIM Implementation update focus on common components – 17/09/2018 – Brussels




TEN-T days – 25 – 27/04/2018 – Ljubljana



World ATM Congress 2018 – 06 – 08/03/2018 – Madrid

Presentation Day 1

Presentation Day 2


Workshop Airport Safety – 20/02/2018 – Brussels



SDM  Workshop on Financing Mechanisms

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Kick-off Webex Common SWIM PKI and Cybersecurity – 29/11/2017

Within the SWIM scope there is an important activity for which a European-wide approach is required, namely: PKI and cybersecurity. SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) believes that this topic is fundamental for a full and consistent deployment of SWIM and that a coordinated action is necessary and urgent. This was recognized by the European Commission/INEA and the project family 5.1.4 – Common SWIM PKI and Cybersecurity, as included in the Deployment Programme, is among priorities of the 2017 CEF Transport Call for Proposals.

In accordance with the above, SDM is promoting and will be supporting a multistakeholder initiative to cover the project family 5.1.4 gaps, with a focus on establishing common rules for the PKI implementation in Europe. EUROCONTROL is going to play a role of the project manager, in close cooperation with SDM.

In the below documents you will find more information about the currently planned scope of the project, which needs to be agreed and adapted by the participating stakeholders. These documents were showcased at the kick-off webex that was held by EUROCONTROL, with SDM support, on 29 November 2017.

1. Description of the initiative – Common PKI SCF 2017

2. PKI and Cyber security

3. Common PKI INEA 2017 Kick-off


Workshop on Time Based Separation (TBS) –  24/10/2017 – Brussels




Workshop on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) – 19/10/2017 – Brussels





Launch Event CEF Transport SESAR call for proposals 2017 – 18/10/2017 – Brussels

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Connecting Europe Days – 21/09/2017 – Tallinn

Use and publication of performance data – Paola Di Giovanni


Initial Airport Operations Plan (iAOP) – 08/09/2017 – Brussels

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World ATM Congress 2017 – 07 – 09/03/2017 – Madrid

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CALL 2016

2016 CEF Transport Calls: Launch Event Presentation:
Launch Event 27-10-2016- Presentation

DLS – Data Link Services Workshop 20/10 presentations:
DLS Workshop 20-10-2016

SWIM – System Wide Information Management Workshop 6/10 presentations:
SWIM Workshop 06-10-2016

Sneak Preview Event 29/09 presentations:
Sneak preview meeting_29092016

CALL 2015

1 December 2015
Midterm review workshop CEF 2015 Transport Calls for Proposals

29 October 2015
Sneak Preview 29-10-2015

  • Presentation | SESAR Deployment Manager World ATM Congress March 10-12 March 2015 … View/Download
  • Presentation | Joint session SESAR Joint Undertaking & SESAR Deployment Manager World ATM Congress 10-12 March … View/Download

CALL 2014

  • Presentation | SESAR Deployment Manager Welcome Event 4 March 2015 … View/Download
  • SESAR Deployment Alliance presentation to the ‘Mastering the Future of Air Traffic Management’ event, Brussels, 16 December 2014 … View/Download
  • SESAR Deployment Alliance slides from their workshop at ‘Mastering the Future of Air Traffic Management’ event, Brussels, 16 December 2014 … View/Download