Synchronised stakeholder decision on process optimisation at airport level


Apr. '18OngoingDec. '23

Implementing Partners

Leader: Brussels Airport
Contributor: Stansted Airport
Contributor: Paris Airport
Contributor: Rome Airport
Contributor: Nice Airport
Contributor: Manchester Airport
Contributor: Milan Airport
Contributor: Dublin Airport
Contributor: Frankfurt Airport
Contributor: Skeyes
Contributor: Munich Airport
Contributor: Swedavia
Contributor: Copenhagen Airport
Contributor: ENAV


A certain number of completed projects are highlighted as it was already possible to provide detailed information on specific benefits brought by these projects. In time, SESAR Deployment Manager will provide such detailed information for every completed project.


This project is a large multi-stakeholder initiative, involving 13 airports and 2 ANSPs (Skeyes and ENAV), aiming to implement the initial Airport Operations Plan (iAOP) in Brussels-National Airport, Rome Fiumicino Airport, Nice Airport, Charles De Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport, Dublin airport, Munich airport, Frankfurt airport, Copenhagen Airport, Manchester Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, Stansted Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The iAOP is a single, common and collaboratively agreed rolling plan available to all airport stakeholders, whose purpose is to provide common situational awareness and to form the basis upon which stakeholder decisions relating to process optimisation can be made. It reflects the operational status of the airport and therefore facilitates demand and capacity balancing. It contains data and information relating to the different status of planning phases and is in format of a rolling plan, which evolves over time.

The implementation of the Initial AOP contributes to a more efficient operation at the involved airports. The AOP will enhance the local processes in order to ensure the best possible usage of the available capacity and resources and create a positive impact to the network by making available the most actual and reliable data for the network planning process. The capacity will be improved through optimal use of facilities and services, better use of airport and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) slots.

The IP will bring benefits in terms of optimised airport operations and enhanced operational decisions through integrated systems. In particular, the coordinated approach will ensure the following aspects:

  • Enhanced level of synchronisation

  • Sharing of the best practises among of the participants

  • Reduced fragmentation

  • Enhance cross-border connections, international (8 EU Countries), national and regional traffic

AOP will also improve the:

  • Stability of operations by working pro-actively on predicting future bottlenecks and allowing to take mitigating measures in advance.

  • Predictability of operations by linking all airport processes (landside and airside) and assessing the impact of issues in one process on the other processes.

  • Accuracy of timestamps within the airport both internally within the airport’s community but also towards the network.

This Project is part of a group of interrelated implementation initiatives, which are expected to conclude in December 2021. As a synchronised implementation in many airports, the optimisation of airport operations and, as a result, in enhanced operational decisions and efficiency, when going operational this group of projects are expected to bring 8,9 Million € until 2030.

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Airport
  • CEF Call Year: 2017
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF2 - Airport Integration and Throughput
  • Sub AF: S-AF 2.1 Departure Management Synchronised with Pre-departure sequencing
  • Progress Percentage: 39%


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