DLS Implementation Project - Path 2


Mar. '17CompletedDec. '20

Implementing Partners

Leader: ENAV
Contributor: Lufthansa
Contributor: DFS
Contributor: TAP Portugal
Contributor: Ryanair
Contributor: Bulatsa
Contributor: DSNA
Contributor: Croatia Control
Contributor: MATS
Contributor: Hungarocontrol
Contributor: Pansa
Contributor: ESSP
Contributor: LPS
Contributor: Fintraffic ANS
Contributor: LFV
Contributor: EANS
Contributor: NAV Portugal
Contributor: Arinc
Contributor: DCAC
Contributor: Oro Navigacija
Contributor: ENAIRE
Contributor: NATS
Contributor: Sita
Contributor: LGS
Contributor: Austrocontrol


The Path 2 project is currently ongoing under the coordination of SESAR Deployment Manager. It is a multi-stakeholder project with the participation of the ANSP (ENAV, ANS Finland; Croatia Control; DCAC; Lufthansa; DFS; ENAIRE; ESSP; HungaroControl; LGS; EANS; LPS SR; LFV; MATS; NATS; NAV Portugal; Austrocontrol; PANSA; BULATSA; Oro Navigacija; DNSA) Airlines (Ryanair and TAP) and the industry (Arinc and SITA).

In October 2016, the European Commission mandated the SESAR Deployment Manager to assume the role of DLS implementation project manager responsible for organizing, implementing and monitoring the activities identified in the DLS recovery plan. The DLS Recovery Plan aims to set a realistic path, identifying the relevant actors, milestones and next activities needed to be undertaken in order to achieve the full DLS implementation in Europe allowing Initial Trajectory Information Sharing functionality by the deadlines set in the Pilot Common Project.

As part of this Recovery plan two implementation projects were defined:

The 2015_161_AF6 Path I – Implementation of the DLS transitional solution, led by ENAIRE. This multi-stakeholder project, completed in December 2018, focused on the Multi-Frequency implementation and on the deployment of Best-in-Class avionics (both ELSA’s recommendations) permitting to meet the EU (IR) 310/2015, with a deadline set in February 2018.

The Implementation Project 2016_159_AF6 DLS Implementation Project - Path 2 aims to identify the next steps towards the target solution, in order to continue to grant the required level of performance and the achievement of full AF6 implementation, fixing all technical and non-technical open points.

A third Project, to perform activities strictly correlated with the Path 2 project, enhancing the scope of works and developing further technical and non-technical solutions for DLS provision, was awarded.

The 2017_089_AF6 - IP1 - DLS European Target Solution assessment aimed to design of a Common ATN Backbone at European Level, as a first step towards the target solution, and at the same time, the performing of a detailed analysis on the technical and non-technical elements needed to ensure a full DLS implementation in Europe, based on previous technical studies and on the inputs stemming from the Capacity Assessment. This project was completed on December 2019.

At the project completion the following objectives will be achieved:

  • The European DLS Common Governance will be defined;

  • The Service Areas will be identified;

  • The system architecture will be defined;

  • The Business Case study for the Target Solution will be elaborated;

  • The Services to be provided by the Model D will be analysed;

  • The improvements on legacies DL infrastructures will be identified;

  • PENS to connect G/G (BIS) routers will be used;

  • IoP improvements of the ATN DL Networks operated by different entities.


A certain number of completed projects are highlighted as it was already possible to provide detailed information on specific benefits brought by these projects. In time, SESAR Deployment Manager will provide such detailed information for every completed project.

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF6 - Initial trajectory information sharing
  • Sub AF: S-AF 6.1 - Initial Trajectory Information Sharing
  • Progress Percentage: 100%


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