ENAV Implementation of A-SMGCS Level 1 and 2 with Safety Nets in MXP and FCO


Feb. '17OngoingDec. '22

Implementing Partners

Leader: ENAV
Contributor: Rome Airport
Contributor: Milan Airport


At global level, the Project aims at implementing full A-SMGCS (Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems) Level 2 with safety Nets in Milano Malpensa (MXP) and Roma Fiumicino (FCO) airports.

This implementation Project is a continuation of the #064AF2 project under the CEF-call 2014 (Action 2014 EU TM 0136 M), which focuses on the implementation of technical enablers paving the way for the level 2 A-SMGCS in Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino. For the present project, the substitution of one SMR (Surface Movement Radar) at each airport (additional to the activities in #064AF2) and the extension of MLAT (Multilateration system) coverage, with a new MSF (MultiSensor Fusion) at Rome FCO are foreseen.

Additionally, a new tower architecture system (NAT Phase 2) will be integrated with airport safety nets related to A-SMGCS Level 2.

The Implementation Project includes the installation of the ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) transponders in all the vehicles circulating in the manoeuvring areas of the two airports involved.

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF2 - Airport Integration and Throughput
  • Sub AF: S-AF 2.2 Departure Management integrating Surface Management Constraints
  • Progress Percentage: 47%