Upgrade/Replace Infrastructure to facilitate SWIM


Jun. '17CompletedApr. '21

Implementing Partners

Leader: Dublin Airport
Contributor: Dublin Airport


Dublin Airport (DUB) is the largest airport in Ireland and it has experienced rapid growth in passenger numbers over the last two years. It plans to become an A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) compliant airport in 2018 and as a natural follow-up it also now wishes to start the process of becoming SWIM (System Wide Information Management) compliant.

The Implementation Project aims to implement the SWIM infrastructure necessary to lay the foundation for DAA (Dublin Airport Authority) to implement SWIM integration services and eventually become fully SWIM compliant.

In particular, the following tasks are carried out:

Complete an extensive period of investigation/market intelligence.
Define a comprehensive set of requirements to upgrade or replace their existing Enterprise Service Bus and define Security and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance related requirements.
Complete full tender process for a new platform.
Select a vendor under EU procurement rules to provide a scalable, resilient and future proofed platform as its SWIM infrastructure.
Commence work on building the new SWIM infrastructure to the recommended standards.
Complete Migration steps.
Complete testing.
Implement new platform and migrate existing services.
In parallel, work will also be ongoing on the NM (Network Manager) inter-operability project (2016_033_AF5 Use SWIM methods to replace AFTN feeds for A- CDM refers).

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Airport
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.2 - SWIM Technical Infrastructure and Profiles
  • Progress Percentage: 100%