XMAN - Cross-centre arrival management


Feb. '16OngoingDec. '21

Implementing Partners

Leader: DFS
Contributor: LVNL
Contributor: EUROCONTROL
Contributor: DSNA


The overall objective is to deploy - in the European core area - the Family 1.1.2 "AMAN upgrade to include Extended Horizon function” of the Deployment Programme 2015 on the basis of the Pilot-Common-Project Regulation EU No. 716/2014. The IP covers:

  • the implementation of Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN) in Enroute Control Centers adjacent to PCP-relevant airports Frankfurt, Munich, Zürich and London (LHR) based on a commonly developed Concept of Operations and System requirements in a timely, coordinated and synchronized effort, using currently available systems and technology;

  • the development and validation of a common service for E-AMAN to share data, to achieve common awareness and consistent and coherent application of E-AMAN actions and to enable appropriate interactions among all actors involved.
    Generation of considerable improvements in various performance areas such as environment (CO2 and fuel-burn reduction), safety (reduction in stack holding) and capacity (reduction in traffic bunching/workload). Provide economic benefits to airspace users (though reduced fuel burn / improved flight efficiency). Introduction of a common operational concept (CONOPS) and standardized systems requirements to provide a harmonized and coordinated approach to extended arrival management in the European core area. Consideration of existing technologies for early implementations and quick-wins as well as validated SESAR results and technologies for further evolution. Promotion of interoperability though automated Inter-Centre coordination by the use of system to system communication using standards (OLDI AMA Message or SWIM Webservice)

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2015
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF1 - Extended Arrival Management and Performance Based Navigation in high density Terminal Manoeuvring Area
  • Sub AF: S-AF 1.1 - Arrival Management extended to en- route Airspace
  • Progress Percentage: 86%