Implementation Project 2.6 - Borealis Free Route Airspace (Part 1)


Jan. '14CompletedMay. '17

Implementing Partners

Leader: Borealis Alliance
Contributor: Avinor
Contributor: LGS
Contributor: LFV
Contributor: IAA
Contributor: EANS
Contributor: NATS
Contributor: Finavia
Contributor: Naviair


Ensure that all Fast Track elements defined in the PDP to support Free Route (S-AF3.2) are fully implemented including:

    • Family 1 Projects:

  • FT3.2.1 Upgrade of ATM systems, where appropriate

  • FT3.2.2 Upgrade of NM systems, where appropriate

  • Family 2 projects

  • FT3.2.3 Implementation of Direct Routes, where these are not currently implemented

  • S-AF3.2 Implementation of Free Route across the NEFRA region.
    Synchronised implementation of FRA at FAB and also inter-FAB level and is aligned to the FRA Conops that is described in the Network Manager’s European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) Part 1. Part 2 of the ERNIP describes the NM objectives for implementing FRA and the current status of implementation, which includes the current implementation of FRA in the DK-SE FAB and Shannon ACC and also the implementation of FRA at night in Tampere ACC in Finnish airspace.

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2014
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF3 - Flexible ASM and Free Route
  • Sub AF: S-AF 3.2 Free Route
  • Progress Percentage: 100%