The SESAR Deployment Manager has adopted five key principles that will govern its work, which are based on a commitment to customer focus; cross-industry collaboration; open and transparent interaction; trust; and a focus on delivery.

The SESAR Deployment Manager shall:

  1. adopt a passenger centric approach at all times but also take care for needs of cargo, military, business and general aviation in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Pilot Common Project implementing regulation and every subsequent Common Project;
  2. be represented by ANSPs, Airlines and Airports Operational Stakeholders, visibly demonstrating the principles of cooperative and collaborative decision-making;
  3. through open and transparent interaction with all stakeholders create the right environment for mitigating the risk of non-timely deployment, successful Common Project implementation across the industry, focused on delivering high levels of customer service and performance;
  4. create the authority and build trust with the implementing stakeholders that are responsible for the deployment, so that they follow and respect the Deployment Programme that will be elaborated by the Deployment Manager in consultation with them; and
  5. be focussed on a timely and performance-driven delivery of the scope agreed in the Common Projects and in the Deployment Programme.