Europe’s air traffic management system receives boost of EUR465 million

SESAR Deployment Manager is a step closer to achieving its goal of modernising Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure following a fourth wave of EU grants to accelerate stakeholder investments.

Last month, the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) announced its decision, to award a total of EUR290 million for the Funding Objective 3.1, “Single European Sky – SESAR”.

The 14 actions that have been awarded fall under the project “SESAR Deployment Programme implementation – 2017”, and include no less than 49 PCP related implementation projects in one action submitted by SESAR Deployment Manager for a total of EUR232 million.

Under the coordination of SESAR Deployment Manager, these 49 implementation projects with the involvement of 59 partners, including eight new partners, represent a total investment of EUR465 million.

This brings the total investment in ATM modernisation coordinated by SESAR Deployment Manager to EUR3 billion, with a total grant of EUR1.35 billion.

With this new action included, SESAR Deployment Manager is managing a total of 349 projects from 93 partners of which 77 are already completed.

These newly awarded modernisation projects are expected to bring more safety, capacity and efficiency benefits to the overall European ATM network performance.

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