Pilot Common Project Implementation Well Engaged

SESAR Deployment Manager is at a turning point. We have just finished the first half of our current organisation’s partnership agreement lifetime, having been established in 2014 to operate until 2020.

Since our appointment, SDM has set in motion over 300 projects, of which 66 are completed, representing a large proportion of the new ATM functionalities required by Pilot Common Project (PCP) EU law to be in operation within the next five years.

Together these represent an EUR2.5 billion investment, including EUR1.1 billion in Commission grants injected to fuel the process. This means that 70 per cent of the PCP had been implemented or is in progress.

At this pivotal stage, it has become extremely important that we really show what a difference we are making to air traffic management in Europe, as well as the lives of Europeans.

We are therefore increasingly measuring the benefits and success of SDM projects by showing the impact on the European citizen and air passenger.

This way it will become more clear and understandable for the wider public to grasp the role and achievements of our organisation, and may even influence future organisations considering participating in SESAR deployment.

It is important to highlight that the completion of a SESAR project is not the end of the story. It is equally crucial to show what impact the achievements are having and check this against what was declared at the submission of the project.

SDM is developing technology to establish this measurement on performance and will come back to this with more details later this year.

We will see how SESAR projects are resulting in things such as fewer carbon emissions and enhanced air traffic capacity, and upgrading the passenger experience for the 21st century, as well as benefitting the environment.

These benefits resulting from the hard work of our stakeholders are the true end to our story, and we are excited to be reaching a stage where we can show the world how the deployment of SESAR is making a huge difference.