A positive force to drive and implement this change is putting investors into the cockpit. SESAR Deployment Manager was the first ATM-related organisation set up this way and it has very much proven to be the right decision, as demonstrated for instance by the implementation of the Datalink Services recovery plan.

DLS has in fact reached historic-high performance levels and you can read more about it in this newsletter.

SESAR Deployment Manger aims to exploit the success and benefits of this model and take aim at the most urgent bottlenecks by further deploying ATM modernisation.

This involves keeping industry stakeholders, such as air navigation service providers, airlines and airports, at the forefront and bringing together all other stakeholders, who can in turn lend their valuable expertise and knowledge.

This is what SESAR Deployment Manager excels at – we are all about making sure great aviation modernisation ideas are brought to fruition through involvement of the entire industry, for every assignment within our scope.

We deliver synchronisation, coordination, and support, whilst our stakeholders deliver real modernisation in daily aviation operations everywhere and every day in Europe.

Keeping balance between vision and reality, private and public investment, member state and wider European benefits, and policy and industry, all without losing focus is key to retaining industry’s support.

If all elements of the current regulation (the Pilot Common Project) are implemented and SESAR Deployment Manager keeps everyone aboard, we can help reduce delays per flight by 36 seconds.

If you know that today’s average en-route flight delay is over two minutes per flight, we reduce delays by 30%, and that’s just one benefit of deploying SESAR.

Let’s speed up ATM modernisation together!



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