Three new RNP approaches at Schiphol Airport - 146th SESAR deployment project completed


SESAR Deployment Manager congratulates LVNL & all partners involved for the completion of the project 2015_186_AF1 concerning three new RNP approaches operational at Schiphol Airport. This is the 146th SESAR deployment project bringing benefits to European aviation, coordinated by SESAR Deployment Manager and co-financed by the European Commission and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

‘RNP Approach with vertical guidance’ is getting fully implemented through three deployment projects coordinated by SDM as part of the PBN implementation. The three main landing runways have now RNP Approach. This group of initiatives are expected to conclude in September 2021.

Once operational, SDM calculated that these projects are expected to save 6M euros until 2030, improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental footprint. We will perform the Cost Benefit Analysis after one year in operation in order to confirm this expected impact.

146th project LVNL

The legacy NDB radio beacons around Schiphol are taken out of service following successful implementation of RNP approach