SWIM Webinar on 22 June 2021


On 22 June 2021, SESAR Deployment Manager and EUROCONTROL NM, with the support of the A6 Alliance, were very pleased to welcome stakeholders to the first edition of a series of webinars on SWIM, with over 240 simultaneous attendees during the online meeting. This series aims to address concerns and implementation issues as well as to show implementation examples in order to ease future service implementation.

This successful webinar was made possible thanks to the close collaboration between SDM and EUROCONTROL NM, with the support of the A6 Alliance, and also thanks to the pool of technical experts available to introduce this new series of SWIM webinar, present successful cases of SWIM implementation for DSNA and ENAV, and answer questions from the stakeholders present in the webinar. This was also the occasion to gauge the interest in different SWIM-related topics, thanks to a poll that allowed attendees to rank potential topics and themes for future editions of the SWIM webinar series.

You can download the slides of the presentation here and watch the recording below:

We will keep you informed of future editions organised around SWIM. In the meantime, should you have any suggestion related to the organisation and content topics for the next webinar on this important topic, please fill in the survey* that you have received via email, which will be closed on 8 July 2021.

* The survey is only available to stakeholders who registered to the Webinar.