SESAR Deployment Manager is pleased to see that a smooth continuation of the coordination and the synchronization of modernization and digitalization of European ATM is being prepared.


Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager: “Since 2014, the SESAR Deployment Alliance has been demonstrating the added value of the SESAR Deployment Manager function. Whilst the mandate of the SESAR Deployment Alliance comes to its end, it is a great satisfaction to read that several key operational stakeholders are joining forces to set up a new partnership which could candidate for becoming the next SESAR Deployment Manager at the occasion of the forthcoming call for proposals by the European Commission. Moreover, as most of those operational stakeholders are members of the SESAR Deployment Alliance, this would greatly facilitate the vital continuity of the function as well as the smooth transfer of all the specific competences and assets that the SESAR Deployment Alliance has developed during its time in the role. Also, considering the difficult crisis all aviation sector is facing, it is of key importance to join forces and share the know-how of operational stakeholders and the expertise of EUROCONTROL Network Manager with the common objective to modernize and digitalize European ATM.”