SDP21 Supporting Material receives support from SCP under last Consultation Campaign of SDA


The first half of the SESAR Deployment Manager Consultation Campaign 2022 constituted an important milestone as it represents the last Consultation Campaign being led by SESAR Deployment Alliance, the current SDM mandate holder.

Furthermore, during the 2022 Consultation Campaign the Stakeholder Consultation Platform (SCP) also served as a successful tool for the Implementing Partners members of the CEF funded IP 217_084_AF5 to allow wider feedback from stakeholders on two PKI deliverables. It is worth mentioning that this consultation has not constituted an SDM deliverable.

The Campaign, organised in two consultation cycles, was kicked-off on the 17th of January with the distribution to Stakeholders of the initial drafts of the European Aviation Common PKI (EACP) deliverables: D1.2 European Aviation Common PKI (EACP) Final Trust Framework and D6.1 Guidance for Swim Services Providers and Consumers.

After the first SCP Thematic Sub-Group (TSG) meeting on the 16th of March closing the first cycle, the second cycle of the Campaign was launched on the 31st of March for the consultation of SDM deliverables: the SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) Supporting Material – Short Term Deployment Approach and the SDP Monitoring View 2021. In parallel, the updated drafts of the PKI deliverables were also shared with Stakeholders for their revision. The fruitful SCP TSG meeting of the 05th of May allowed the SDM team to finalise the drafts of the two SDM deliverables and the Implementing Partners of the PKI deliverables to further refine the consulted PKI documents.

On 19th of May 2022, the SCP Steering Group meeting, the last under current SDM mandate , closed the second cycle of the Consultation Campaign with general support received from operational Stakeholders on the SDP Supporting Material – Short Term Deployment Approach and the SDP Monitoring View 2021, which are to be submitted to the European Commission – DG MOVE – by the end of May 2022.

The activity of the SCP under the current SDM has now come to a close, reaffirming once again the successful cooperation with our Stakeholders whose efforts and support have been crucial during the whole lifetime of the SDA. Stakeholder consultation will continue under the future SDM mandate holder as of the 1st of June 2022.