SDM Guidelines for the CEF Transport Call 2015 available


Objectives of the guidelines

The “SDM Guidelines for the CEF Transport Call 2015” is issued by the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) in support to the Implementing Partners in the phase of elaboration and finalisation of the 2015 CEF Transport Calls responses preparation.

This document aims at providing the Implementing Partners with the relevant batch of information and detailed roadmap for responses proposal(s) finalization and submission. The paper is providing indications by SDM in its role of “coordinator of all Implementing Partners’ responses to the CEF Call for Proposals”, according to the provisions of the 2015 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals – Funding Objective 3 – Single European Sky.


Launch of the following activities:

Implementing Partners start to provide SDM with Legal and Administrative documentations (scanned copies included where required) requested for proposal(s) finalisation. The documentations will be verified by SDM according to the INEA requirements (further details about the documentations to be provided are available within the SDM Guidelines for the CEF Transport Call 2015).

IPPs start to provide SDM with Point of Contacts (PoCs) for each Implementing Partner (at Company level) as follows:

  • Overall PoC (at Company Level): person in charge to be a single point of contact for general matters during the call responses preparation (eg. Communication about the Member State Endorsement request)

  • Administrative/Legal PoC: person in charge for the matters related to the Legal and Administrative fields (eg. Supporting documents of Legal Entity Form)

  • Financial PoC: person in charge for the matters related to the Financial field (eg. Budget breakdown per year)

  • Technical PoC: person in charge for the matters related to the Technical field (eg. Tasks; milestone etc)


The information requested for PoCs have to be provided to SDM through the following dedicated mailbox by each Implementing Partner: [email protected]

Legal and Administrative documentation have to be uploaded on the Repository, available as from 3th of December deadline according to the Administrative Roadmap.


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