Results 2015 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals


Last week, SDM announced the European Commission (EC) awarding decision on the 2015 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals – Funding Objective 3.3.1, Single European Sky – SESAR.

Out of 223 projects submitted by SDM, 145 Implementation Projects were awarded (65%). In total, out of the requested funding of 1.183 billion euro, 526,2 million euro was granted.

Stakeholders who are funded or involved in a funded project will now join the SDM in the formalization of this award decision, turning it into three new Specific Grant Agreements under the SESAR Framework Partnership Agreement in order to have their projects coordinated by SDM and to receive the awarded funding through SDM.

The SDM will seek and analyse the rationale behind any negative outcome with the objective to learn and provide better support to their organization in the next Calls.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders to join and benefit from SDM support when preparing proposals to the next 2016 CEF Transport General and Cohesion Calls for Proposals, which are announced by mid-October 2016.

The basis for the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals will be the Deployment Programme 2016, of which the final draft has now been circulated to the SDM Stakeholders.

If stakeholders intend to submit proposals for implementation projects in line with the Deployment Programme 2016, they can already start preparing for the 2016 CEF Transport Call by participating to the Indications of Interest process.

More info on the results :