Modernising ATM As One - This was Day 2 of AirSpace World 2023

Modernising ATM As One - This was Day 2 of AirSpace World 2023

Panel debate: Civil-military collaboration: Let's be innovative and more ambitious

"Only one airspace to be shared and SWIM facilitates its flexible use..It's important for #SESAR deployment to work #AsOne #team with European Defence Agency ensuring further #modernisation & #digitalisation of #ATM" Erich Klock speaking at Airspace World
#EuropeForAviation Civil-Military panel.

Future & long-term comms infrastructure

The demand for air/ground communication is steadily increasing. It is driven by the Airline Operational Control needs for​ modern airframes with today’s flight efficiency requirement together with modern Air Traffic Management applications like​ Controller Pilot Datalink Communication. At the same time, the commonly used current air/ground link (VDL mode 2) seems to come to its capacity limitations.

During this panel session on Future & Long Term Communication Infrastructure at the #EuropeForAviation theatre at Airspace World, the experts answered questions like: What is driving the data demand increase for airlines? What benefits will new Air Traffic Control applications bring to the air traffic controller and the airlines? How will we address the expected capacity crunch and the future communication demands? What is available from R&D perspective and what is the deployment scenario?

Many thanks to our colleague Thomas Koerber moderating and the speakers from:

#AsOne team behind #ATM #modernisation and #digitalisation

 Launch event for the ATS Common Datalink Services procurement 

"As most of you know, we have been entrusted with the setup and coordination of the DLS Recovery Plan and Implementation Strategy a few years ago. In cooperation with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager, we worked on transitional solutions and helped ANSPs and #Airlines to get DLS implemented as fast as possible and make sure they could start using it in their daily operations.

But – in parallel with that – we also focused on defining a strategy for the medium and longer term, and today marks an essential step in the rollout of this strategy.

The setup of a sole ATS Common Datalink Service governance and procurement action was part of the strategy that we designed, and – with today’s launch – I truly believe that we are all making a remarkable step forward for a defragmented and efficient #European Sky.

An improved Datalink Service provision is such an important step for the #SESAR vision and #Aviation in Europe: with no Datalink in place and effectively used, there is no Initial Trajectory Information Sharing and it will be impossible to move towards Trajectory Based Operations.

#Datalink is truly the foundation of A/G communication, and it paves the way for new services that enable TBO, it is truly the highway towards #digital #sky.

I want to stress how the definition of the DLS strategy was not something that we come up with by ourselves, but the outcome of a thorough consultation process, as well as the result of an inclusive engagement of all stakeholders.

This is the only modus operandi that works, and in this case brought to consensus and buy-in around an innovative model
With the establishment of the ACLDS governance, we will have a single Datalink Service Provider for the whole Europe, that we believe that this will make service provision more efficient and reduce the overall costs.

This is a solution that would not only benefit ground stakeholders and the ANSPs, but also the airlines flying in our skies, as it would facilitate the overall #efficiency of the #network .

Finally, I want to stress how the solution that we are #celebrating today can also be a model for the future, to be applied in many other domains: it is a way of bringing together stakeholders, and have them working #AsOne #team in order to meet common objectives." Mariagrazia La Piscopia stated during the Launch of the ATS Common #Datalink Services procurement today at the #EuropeForAviation stand at Airspace World

#SESARdelivers #AsOne #ATM #aviation #modernisation #digitalisation

Panel: CP1 is delivering

Interesting session today at the #EuropeForAviation stand at Airspace World. The functionalities included in the CP1 Regulation increase the levels of automation, cyber-secure data sharing and connectivity in #ATM, providing a #safer, more #efficient and #sustainable ATM environment.

Prominent examples of Projects coordinated by SESAR Deployment Manager were provided by the operational stakeholders participating to this panel, bringing efficiency to #European ATM, in the context of #SESAR deployment. Highlighting overall #safety and operational improvements, next to financial benefits brought by SESAR common projects under the coordination of #SESAR deployment manager represented an important objective of this panel. ​​​

🙏 Many thanks to our colleague Ralph Schwarzendahl moderating and the speakers from:

Trajectory Based Operations

Great session at the #EuropeForAviation stand at Airspace World!
Our expert Magnus Molbaek stated that TBO is being implemented through CP1 #deployment. #FFICE #SESARdelivers.
Thank you to all speakers and to SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking for hosting.

SESAR Deployment Manager - Indra, Leonarda & Thales signed a Memorandum of Understanding

SESAR Deployment Manager - Indra, Leonarda & Thales signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Wonderful time to renovate – through this Memorandum of Understanding – the #collaboration between the #SESAR Deployment Manager and three key players of the #industry! This will ensure further cooperation fostering timely deployment of #SESAR related projects. Indra, Leonardo and Thales Aerospace are trusted partners in this continuous #ATM modernisation journey.
#Modernising & #digitalising #ATM #AsOne #team towards the #IdealFlight

  • SESAR Deployment Manager - Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding

SESAR Deployment Manager - Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Great to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus at Airspace World. This framework confirms the already existing great cooperation on #SESAR deployment #AsOne team, #modernising and #digitalising #ATM in #EU. The next years will be extremely important to define the future of Aviation and Air Traffic Management, as we need new technologies, both on the ground and on the aircraft, to cope with the long-standing and new challenges that we have in front of us. #SESARdelivers

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