HungaroControl completes SESAR deployment Implementation Project – Hungarian ATM system upgrade for AF3-AF4


Congratulations to the Hungarian Air Nagivation Service Provider HungaroControl for the completion of IP 2017_074_AF3, supporting cross-border free route operations, thanks to the management of real-time airspace data, exchange airspace reservation messages, support dynamic airspace configuration & interface to NM systems.

This SESAR deployment Implementation Project is framed in 4 Families of the SESAR Deployment Programme developed for CP1, namely Reg.: 3.1.1 “ASM and A-FUA”, 3.1.2 “Management of pre-defined Airspace configuration”, 3.2.2 “Enhanced FRA operations” & 4.3.1 “Automated Support for Traffic Complexity Assessment”.

This Project is the last of a group of 3 interrelated implementation initiatives coordinated by SDM. Air Traffic Management system upgrades in favour of Free Route Airspace in Hungary will improve operational efficiency & reduce environmental footprint. This group of Projects is expected to save 43,3M € by 2030.

SDM performs CBA of Completed IPS after 1 year in operation to evaluate their contribution to the network performance and the benefits delivered against the original expectations. The same process will apply to IP 2017_074_AF3 in 2022, hoping to confirm the expected positive impact from the completion of this project.