How to elaborate the Implementation Project description in response to 2016 CEF Transport Call for Proposal


Message to all candidate Implementing Partners concerning the elaboration of the Implementation Project description in the light of preparing the responses to the 2016 CEF Transport Call for Proposal:

The first draft of your candidate IPs shall be submitted using the Excel IP template below. Specific guidelines are provided to support you when filling in this Excel IP template.

SDM strongly believes that the use of the IP Description Template in excel format will ease the initial steps of the collection of multiple information on your implementation project, facilitating your internal interactions and, in particular, being highly beneficial in the case of multi-stakeholders projects.

Therefore, SDM kindly asks you to fill in the IP Template, including all information required (please refer to the “IP Description – Guidance Material” sheet into the above mentioned IP Template), the first draft of the IP description must be submitted by 3rd November 2016 to:

Please note that IP description submitted after this deadline will not be accepted for the subsequent phases of the CEF Transport call for proposal preparation.

Following this first collection step, SDM will release appropriate feedback on the First draft of the IP Descriptions by 10th November, in order to give you the possibility to improve the quality of your project(s) in full alignment to the 2016 CEF calls text and the Deployment Programme.

After this first round, SDM is certain that the projects will be mature enough to be provided through the STAR tool, in the subsequent two iterations.

Therefore, we will ask you, as candidate Implementing partners,  to complete the second draft of the IP Descriptions by 17thNovember 2016 and the Final IP Description by 2nd December 2016 on the STAR Tool: specific guidelines will be provided to give you all instructions needed to submit the IP Descriptions on the STAR Tool.

SDM remains at your disposal for any further clarifications about the supporting material already provided. Furthermore, we will be happy to support you during the Launch Event on 27th of October, providing the clarification needed about the procedures and process that will be implemented during the 2016 Call Preparation Process.